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OK, so I’m sorda a musician, I’ve been one since I was five. So maybe I can dispense some advice for people who are thinking about becoming musicians. From 5 to 15, I had the traditional music education, group lessons + individual coaching. From 15 onwards, I was self taught. I have attained grade 8 in piano and theory. I own upwards of 5000 CDs, sorda. Maybe I’m real familiar with the contents of 500 of these. I have written at least 50 songs, or rather I have 50 melodies up my sleeve. I was classically trained. I enjoy jazz, soul, funk, punk, pop, rock, reggae, alternative, African. I have perfect pitch.

I don’t have degrees in music, as I said above, my formal music education ended at 15. I’m no concert pianist, but I think I know a few things about music.

I do some things well and others not so well.

I may not always want to update this blog anymore, but my first post highlights the aspirations I had when I started this blog.


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